Nature And Healthcare

The word AYURVEDA is formed from the root words of Ayu = Life & Veda = Science.

Ayurveda is an indigenous ancient system of health care prevalent in India since thousands of years, probably as old as Indus Valley civilization dating back to 3000BC. Reference to Ayurveda can be found in all four Vedas.

From those ancient days, Ayurveda is being practiced in India. This is based on wholistic approach by balancing body, nature and mind. It is fundamental that internal and external balance is achieved through wholistic approach for vital health.

India has given many natural Ayurvedic products which are time tested and well documented in terms of their utility and cure. Even western societies are now looking towards India for natural treatment to be free from stress, diseases and side-effects. No doubt at ASTREL, we are inspired by Mother Nature. Our approach is to develop natural, side effects free medications for chronic diseases. Our efforts culminated into development of DERMIST Shampoo and Cream based on wholistic approach advocated by ancient systems of medicine and on basic principle that human body has self-repairing mechanism.